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ReeseLaw is a family law firm serving Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, MD. As family law attorneys, mediators and collaborative divorce lawyers, we have a full array of skills to help through this difficult time. We will create a custom plan to resolve your family issues.

What Our Clients Say
Thorough follow-up and preparation. Wrote what we were going to do, then we did it.


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Your team will be dedicated and focused on helping you. Family law problems are hard and you don’t have to go through it alone.

With the right team properly assessing your case, appropriate resources can be applied to help you and your family weather the storm and come through it as whole as possible, with peace of mind.

What Are Your Processes?

There are several paths a family may choose to take based on their situation, such as negotiated agreement, mediation, collaborative law, or litigation. We partner with families to understand each option, the pros and cons, the risks and the benefits, before moving forward.

Our website also has resources, videos, podcast episodes, and articles to help guide you.

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We have a form to complete online to schedule a consultation. This form gives us some basic information, and it allows for a conflict check. We gave careful consideration to the information requested to help provide you the best services possible.

We are also just a phone call away at 703.279.5140.

Kate has been named a Top Lawyer in Northern Virginia Magazine. Congratulations, Kate!


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